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Chimney Liners

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What is a chimney liner? It’s a layer on the inner part of your chimney that vents dangerous gasses outside and protects the chimney from heat damage. There are three kinds of chimney liners that are made out of different materials-metal, clay tiles, and cast in place. Each kind has its own benefits. For example, metal liners work in all kinds of chimneys, while cast in place liners are excellent to reinforce an existing chimney.

Why would a chimney need a new liner?

• You’re installing a new appliance such as a new stove or insert.

• Your current liner is damaged or installed incorrectly

• Your chimney has no liner at all.

It may be difficult to tell if your chimney needs to be relined. Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps, Inc can determine whether or not your liner is doing its job. Call us today!