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Chimney Repairs

Is your chimney leaking? Is it looking a little rough around the edges? Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps, Inc can perform a variety of chimney repairs.

Here are some signs that your chimney needs professional help:

• Stains on walls and ceiling near chimney-An indication that moisture is getting in!
• Rust on damper or firebox-Another warning sign of water damage!
• Spalling-What happens when moisture gets into masonry and causes the surface of the bricks to flake off.

• Cracked crown-Cracks forming in the chimney crown due to, you guessed it, moisture.

See a common theme here? Moisture is your chimney’s biggest nemesis.

Types of chimney repairs include

• Chimney relining-Necessary when the liner inside the chimney deteriorates.

• Masonry repair-Needed when bricks are starting to crack and break.

• Mortar repair-Also called tuck pointing, necessary when mortar starts to crumble.

• Crown repair-Needed when the crown is damaged or improperly fitted.

• Chimney rebuild-When the chimney is damaged enough that a few simple repairs won’t fix the problem.

If you know your chimney needs help but don’t know where to start, contact Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps for a free estimate. Our professionals can take a look at your chimney and assess what kinds of repairs you will need!