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Chimney Caps & Dampers

What is the difference between a chimney cap and a damper?

• A chimney cap is a piece of metal that fits over the top of your chimney flue. When properly installed, its main function is to keep things out of your chimney that you don’t want, such as water, debris and animals.

Not having a chimney cap can mean big problems! With nothing to keep it out, moisture can get into the chimney, causing serious damage to the structure over time. If a cap rusts or isn’t properly fitted to your chimney top, problems can occur as well.

• A damper is the part in the chimney that closes the opening when it’s not being used. Your damper is either just above the fireplace or at the top of the chimney. As long as it’s working properly, it helps keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Problems arise when the damper isn’t working properly. If your damper won’t open or close at all, that’s an obvious problem! Other damper issues that aren’t so apparent include a damper that isn’t closing completely.

If your chimney cap is rusty, faulty, or missing altogether, or your damper is giving you issues, it’s time to give Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps, Inc a call!