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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Have you noticed that your dryer is taking forever to dry your clothes?  Do you smell something burning when your dryer is running?  Most likely your dryer vent may be in need of a good cleaning!  Even though you may be cleaning your lint trap regularly, only a small portion of lint is caught by that screen.  The rest goes into your duct and sticks to the insides, eventually restricting airflow to the outside. Not only is a clogged dryer vent a pain, it’s also a fire hazard-dryer lint is highly flammable!  It’s true-dryer vents that are clogged are a major cause of house fires every year.

Getting your dryer vent professionally cleaned will provide many benefits.  In addition to reducing the risk of fire and better drying time, you’ll save on your energy costs because your dryer will work more efficiently and may even extend the life of your appliance!  Who doesn’t like that?

If you’re waiting forever for your clothes to dry, don’t wait any longer!  Pick up the phone and give Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps a call today!