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Buying a Home? A Chimney Inspection is a Good Idea

The housing market is HOT right now especially in the highly-sought after Colorado Springs area. It seems like as soon as a home is put on the market, it is quickly claimed by a prospective homebuyer. If you are currently in the hunt for a new home, you may feel you need to pull the trigger quickly on the home of your dreams. But maybe that’s not such a good idea. It is always smart to first have the chimney of the home inspected by a certified sweep.

Having the house’s chimney inspected can be one of the best investments you make during the buying process. A thorough inspection can uncover many hidden dangers that can lead to costly repairs. It can also tell you the health of the chimney and how well it has been cared for through the years.
A chimney inspection on a prospective home is beneficial for a number of reasons:
A through look inside the flue helps uncover broken or cracked flue liners.
Inspections diagnose brick and mortar issues, one of the most common problems that occur in standard wood fireplaces.

The inspector can determine the amount of creosote buildup that has accumulated. Excessive creosote is one of the leading contributors to chimney fires.
Chimneys that are tilting or need major repair can cost you thousands of dollars to rectify. An experienced inspector can inform you of not only the chimney’s current conditions but also expected future needs.
The inspector will examine the main components of the chimney including the chimney crown, cap, firebox, masonry, smoke chamber and other structural elements ensuring they are all in optimal performance.

While the bargaining chips are still on the table make sure to have any prospective home inspected by a certified sweep such as Clean Sweeps Chimney Sweeps. It is impossible to negotiate on chimney damages or problems unless you know they are there. Let the certified team of sweeps at Clean Sweeps help you discover any hidden dangers. Keep in mind that the typical home inspection only includes a visual inspection of the outside of the system without an internal look at the flue. To safeguard your investment, schedule your inspection with us today.

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