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At Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps, our professionally trained and certified chimney technicians can inspect your chimney for common issues like moisture problems, cracks, animal nests, and more. 


Once we have the chimney inspection results, we can discuss with you options like chimney cleaning, repairs, or even remodels. We service Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Monument, and surrounding Pikes Peak and front range region. 

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What is the importance of getting your chimney inspected


For thousands of years, we have been using a chimney to keep our house warm. From the outside, it might appear like your chimney is in excellent condition but from inside it is hiding necessary repairs. It is important that you have your chimney inspected annually even if it is working efficiently. Here are some of the reasons why chimney inspection is very important:


Cracks can be the result of a fire


A flue is the lining of the chimney that carries toxic fumes, heat, and chemicals out of the house or structure. With the passage of time, your flue can get  cracks. 


In the event you do not have a flue cap, there are chances the flue will deteriorate and the lining will fail. When the flue is cracked, the heat and toxic substances will stay inside the house. These dangerous materials can react with combustible material that causes fire.


Masonry cracks can allow water to get in


In case your chimney is made of bricks there are chances that there will be cracks in chimney. The cause of cracks can be:


      Improper maintenance of chimney

      Continuous heating

      Changing weather


With the inspection, you can get a detailed analysis of your chimney, which in turn can help you to repair the cracks in time before more damage is done.


Animal nests can be dangerous 


A common issue that most of the individuals have to deal with is birds nest in the chimney. It will block the passage of heat, smoke and toxic chemicals. In case the nest falls on the burning wood it can cause a fire in the house. For safe burning you have to assure chimney is clear and safe.


Water damage means expensive repairs


In case you have not covered the flue properly, water can enter your chimney that can lead to faster deterioration. If you do not repair the issue in time, it can cause some serious damages including you might have to replace the entire flue lining. This can become very expensive.