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At Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps, our professionally trained and certified chimney technicians can inspect your chimney for common issues like moisture problems, cracks, animal nests, and more. 


Once we have the chimney inspection results, we can discuss with you options like chimney cleaning, repairs, or even remodels. We service Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Monument, and surrounding Pikes Peak and front range region. 

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Colorado Springs Chimney repair and service

Recently it has been noticed that many people do not pay attention to the inspection of their chimney. This is the reason why that after a few years their chimney starts to get damaged which increases the threats like fire in the house.


When the chimney is inspected, many times there are so many cracks that the issue cannot be resolved without repairing the chimney. 


The main cause of chimney damage is moisture. 


When water and humidity gets into the mortar and bricks of the chimney it causes them to loosen up due to which they are cracked. Apart from that, it might lead to development of fungi in the cracks that might lead to some major health issues. If you do not pay attention to the inspection here are some of the common chimney repair services that you will have to consider:



Crown repair


The most commonly damaged area of the chimney is its crown.

• It is located outside the house and it is exposed to the environmental damage
• There is no way that you can cover or insulate the crown because it will affect its ventilation
• The chimney repair service providers will start with filling the cracks and if they need they might change a few bricks that have been poorly damage.
• Once the cracks have been repaired they will cover the entire chimney with cement to assure that they can add extra layer of protection.
• Once it is done they will wait for it to dry and will test to assure everything has been managed perfectly.



Lining repair


One of the most important parts of the chimney is lining. It helps to remove the toxic material and heat from the house. If it’s repaired there are chances that gases will not be removed. So the experts will test the lining and will repair all the cracked and damaged parts.



Mortar repair



Sometimes because of excessive moisture and humidity, the mortar of the chimney is cracked. It means that the foundation is disturbed. In this situation, the experts will repair the mortar by adding a new layer to assure that the structure will last.



Chimney rebuilt



In case the cracks have reached the foundation of the chimney, there is an increased chance that the only solution left is rebuilding the chimney. It might take some days but the experts will rebuild your entire chimney so you will live in a house free from toxic gasses.



Bottom line



Remember that chimney repair is not an easy task. The experts will inspect every corner of your chimney to assure that they identify all the possible cracks in the system. Once all the issues have been identified then they will repair the chimney. It is important that you hire the best repairing service providers because only then you will get reliable services.

If you hire unprofessional service providers or you try to do it yourself, there are chances that you will damage the chimney even more. We all know that chimney repair services are not affordable. So it’s better that you make the right decision of getting your chimney inspected because it will help you save hundreds of dollars and you will not have to deal with any issues.